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Southern Alberta’s top choice for document scanning.

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ABOUT SCAN MY FILES is a secure document scanning and imaging service partnering with Southern Alberta businesses to help them reach their digital conversion goals. With options available to immediately realize the benefits of document scanning, we aim to provide an affordable and effective solution while maintaining the integrity of information. Trust us to help you protect your business.

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ScanMyFiles provides a simple solution to securely transform your documents into digital files.

Keep your important documents at your fingertips.
We know how detrimental missing documents and lost time can be. Our scanning solutions have helped our clients drastically improve efficiency and accuracy in their organizations.

All Your Files in One Place
Once you digitize your files, your days of hunting through stacks of documents are over! Your documents are stored digitally, all in one place.

Find Them Anytime, Anywhere
Need access to a document fast? Don’t worry; your digital documents are organized and tagged for easy browsing.

Maximize Office Efficiency
Allow your team to do their best work. Document imaging significantly improves workflow for employees and saves valuable company time.

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